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Park your vehicle considerately to create a better traffic environment for everyone.

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Understanding Parking

You can only park your vehicle at stipulated areas in Singapore.

Housing Development Board (HDB) and Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) manage parking services such as season parking, purchase of parking coupons and parking offences for their respective car parks.

You can pay for parking by:

  • Using the app
  • Purchasing coupons for coupon parking car parks
  • Using a stored-value card at car parks with electronic gantries

Parking Information and Rules

Use the Parking Guidance System to check parking lot availability for selected areas.


If you drive or own a heavy vehicle, you can only park it overnight at specified heavy vehicle parks with a valid vehicle parking certificate.

It is an offence to park your vehicle outside of stipulated areas. Avoid committing an offence by learning more about illegal parking.

Parking Rates by Area 


South & CBD

Central, North & Norh East 



Parking Rates for Commercial Buildings


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Pay LTA fines

Apply for a new Heavy Vehicle Park licence

Heavy Vehicle VPC Information


Understanding Parking

You can only park your vehicle at stipulated areas in Singapore. Parking along restricted areas may result in an offence.

HDB and URA Parking

The Housing and Development Board (HDB) and Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) provide the following parking services:

  • Application for season parking ticket
  • Renewal of season parking ticket
  • Transfer of season parking ticket
  • Termination of season parking ticket
  • Purchase of parking coupons
  • Payment of parking offence notices for HDB and URA car parks

Get more information on the above services from HDB and URA.

Paying for parking

There are 3 ways to pay for parking in Singapore.


You can pay for parking at all coupon parking car parks by using the app on your mobile phone.

2.     Coupon parking

For coupon parking car parks, if you do not use the app, you must display a parking coupon on your vehicle for the duration of your parking.

3.     Stored-value cards for gantry car parks

For gantry car parks, you must pay for parking using a NETS CashCard stored-value card. For CEPAS EPS car parks, you can also use EZ-Link CEPAS and NETS FlashPay cards. Learn where you can purchase the following stored-value cards:

List of CEPAS EPS car parks


Real-time parking lot availability

The Parking Guidance System (PGS) provides real-time information on parking lot availability, allowing you to find lots quicker.

You can also find real-time parking lot availability information on the MyTransport.SG app and on roadside electronic information panels near the Marina Centre, Orchard and HarbourFront shopping belts.


Parking your heavy vehicle

Under the Vehicle Parking Certificate (VPC) scheme, heavy vehicles in Singapore need to have a parking space licensed by LTA.

A heavy vehicle is defined as:

  • Any heavy goods vehicle or concrete mixer whose maximum laden weight is more than 5,000kg
  • Any bus with a seating capacity of more than 15 persons, not including the driver
  • Any trailer, container trailer, low loader or flat-bed trailer, whose maximum laden weight is more than 5,000kg
  • Any mobile crane or recovery vehicle whose unladen weight is more than 2,500kg

Heavy vehicles must be parked at their VPC designated parking space.

During the registration of a new heavy vehicle, road tax renewal, transfer of ownership or conversion, the heavy vehicle owner must show proof that they have a designated parking space. Each VPC payable to LTA is $6 only. It is not transferable and must be valid for the period of the road tax of the vehicle.

When a heavy vehicle is not in use at night between midnight and 6 am, it is an offence to park it outside the designated parking space. The penalty can be a fine of up to $1,000 or imprisonment up to 3 months.

Procuring a designated parking space for your heavy vehicle

Approach HDB, URA or other licensed parking operators to procure a heavy vehicle parking space. The parking operators must issue a VPC together with your parking space.

Search for a heavy vehicle parking space

Search Private Parking Spaces

Search for an HDB Parking Space

Search for a URA Parking Space

Licensing of private heavy vehicle parking places

A residential development cannot be used to park heavy vehicles.

If you wish to maintain or operate a parking place for heavy vehicles, you must apply for a licence from LTA.

Apply for a new Heavy Vehicle Park licence

You must issue a VPC to the heavy vehicle owner who procured a designated parking space for his heavy vehicle at your parking place. You cannot issue VPCs to heavy vehicle owners who do not have a designated parking space in your parking place.

See legislation related to Heavy Vehicle Parking 

Illegal parking

Parking indiscriminately can obstruct and inconvenience other road users. It may also block the view of pedestrians or other motorists, resulting in accidents.

Parking means stopping a vehicle other than to immediately pick up and drop off passengers, goods or luggage. A waiting vehicle can be considered to be parking even if the driver is present, or if the engine is running.

You may be penalised for illegal parking and receive demerit points for parking offences.

Parking and stopping offences along the roads

Other parking and stopping offences

Locations for CCTV Enforcement for Illegal Parking

CCTV Monitoring Zones

Penalties for illegal parking

Other information about demerit points system

For more information on the demerit points system, click here.

Appeal against parking summonses

Report illegal parking

To report illegal parking, submit a violation report online. A Singpass account is needed to login.