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LTA Offences & Fines

Learn more about common vehicle-related offences in Singapore to avoid committing them.

If you receive a notice for an offence, please refer below for the list of digital services which you may require. For notices from HDB, the Traffic Police, or URA, please visit their respective websites. 

Impound Notice for Foreign Vehicles                                                                                                                                                                                                  

The foreign vehicles listed in this notification (PDF, 51kB) have been impounded by the Land Transport Authority. For enquiries or requests, please Contact Us.

If we do not receive any request within 14 days after publishing the notification, in accordance with the law, we will prepare for the disposal of these vehicles. 


Pay Fines

Enquire Fines and Notices

Furnish Driver’s Particulars

You can pay fines online with LTA’s e-Payment services, or at AXS or SAM platforms.



Pay your fines online


Check your outstanding fines and 6-month history of vehicle-related offences. Notices and any change in their status may take a few working days before they are updated in the system.



Go to Digital Services

If you received an offence notice but you were not the driver who committed the offence, you can submit the driver's particulars here. The offence notice will be issued to the driver who committed the offence instead.

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Submit an Appeal

Enquire Status of Appeal

Declare Off-Peak Car Usage   

Submit appeals on vehicle-related offences.


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Check the status of your appeal on vehicle-related offences.



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If you missed the e-Day licence purchase deadline, you can declare your vehicle usage within 3 to 5 days of usage.


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If you wish to report and submit images of vehicle-related offences that you witnessed, click here.