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All EV chargers must be type-approved and affixed with approval labels before they can be supplied, installed or certified as fit for charging electric vehicles (EVs).

At a glance

Understanding type approval

All EV charger suppliers must ensure that the EV charger model is type-approved by LTA before supply.


Understanding alteration approval

Alterations and/or modifications to type-approved EV chargers must be submitted to LTA for approval. 


Understanding approval labels

All EV chargers that are type-approved by LTA must be affixed with approval labels, as proof of approval.

Apply for an approval label

Approval Label
                                                 Sample of an approval label

EV chargers with approved for alterations/modifications must be affixed with alteration-approved labels, as proof of alteration approval.  

Alteration Label 
                  Sample of an alteration-approved label

Upon successful application and fee payment, LTA will mail the labels to the mailing address provided in the application within 14 working days. 

If you need to replace your approval label(s) or alteration-approved label(s), please click: 

Apply for replacement approval label

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