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All EV chargers must be registered with LTA before they can be used, and must be affixed with a registration mark within 60 days from the date of registration. You must inform LTA when you transfer, relocate, or deregister your EV charger(s).

At a glance

Register an EV charger

Existing EV chargers installed and/or in use before 8 December 2023 

  • Submit an application to register your EV charger at 
  • LTA will verify whether the charger had been issued with a Letter of No Objection (LNO). LTA will inform you of the outcome and will issue a provisional ID for you to proceed to register the EV charger, if it has been successfully verified. Otherwise, you will be required to replace the EV charger for safety reasons, before 8 June 2024.

EV chargers installed on or after 8 December 2023

  • Register your EV charger at using the type approval ID found on the approval label affixed on the charger
  • Contact your supplier if your EV charger does not have an approval label, or write to LTA at to request for a provisional ID. LTA will require details of the EV charger to verify whether the EV charger had been issued with a LNO.

For a step-by-step guide on registering your charger, you may refer to our video here


Registration Mark

Upon successful registration of an EV charger, LTA will mail the registration mark to the mailing address provided within 14 working days. 

The registration mark must be affixed on the EV charger, as proof of registration.

Registration Mark
                          Sample of a registration mark

If you need to replace your registration mark(s), you may apply for a replacement here


Deregister an EV charger If you no longer wish to use your registered EV charger, you must deregister it promptly by writing to LTA at

Once a charger is deregistered, it cannot be registered with LTA again. If you wish to sell your charger, please apply to transfer the registration of the charger instead.
Transfer registration

If there is a change to the particulars of the Registered Responsible Person of the registered EV charger (e.g. where an EV charger has been sold), you must transfer the registration to the new charger owner within 3 days. The transfer is completed when the new charger owner accepts the transfer and pays the application fee to transfer the registration. 

Write to LTA at if you wish to transfer the registration of your registered EV charger. 

Relocate an EV charger

You must inform LTA of any change in location, or relocation, of your EV charger within 7 days upon installation of the charger at the new location. An application fee will be required.

Write to LTA at if you wish to relocate your registered EV charger. 


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