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From traffic information to parking and licences, here is a comprehensive guide to driving in Singapore. 

Traffic Information & Road Works

Get updates on traffic conditions, road works and closures.

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Entering & Exiting Singapore

All you need to know about driving into and out of Singapore.

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Road Safety & Vehicle Rules

Learn about the safety features on Singapore’s roads and how you can help to keep them safe.

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LTA Offences & Fines

Learn about the common vehicle-related offences in Singapore to avoid committing them.

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Electronic Road Pricing (ERP)

Check the Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) rates for different roads at specific times of the day.

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Learn about the regulations and rates of parking your vehicle in Singapore.

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Car Sharing

Learn how you can enjoy the convenience and flexibility of using a car, without the full expenses of owning one.

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Commercial Vehicles

Learn about the different categories of commercial vehicles and the restrictions that apply to driving them.

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Learn about the different types of buses and their licensing and permit requirements in Singapore.

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Vocational Licence

Learn about the different requirements and application process for vocational licences.

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Off-Peak Car Scheme (OPC)

Learn about the different off-peak car (OPC) schemes, restricted hours, and how to buy an Electronic Day (e-Day) licence.

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