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Developments that undergo specified building or electrical works will be required to provide EV charging infrastructure.

At a glance

Criteria for EV charging provisions

All applications submitted to Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) for permission on or after 8 December 2023 that involve building works that (i) erect or re-erect a building or (ii) increase the approved gross floor area (GFA) of a development by at least 50%; and

All applications submitted to SP Services to increase approved electrical load on or after 8 December 2023, that involve electrical works that result in an increase of the approved electrical load to more than 280 kilo-volt ampere (kVA) 
EV charging provisions requirements

Developers/development owners whose developments meet the criteria above will need to provide the following minimum EV charging provisions:

  1. Supply minimum power capacity of at least 1.3kVA per car and motorcycle parking lot in the development ('passive provision')
  2. Minimally install a charging points that draw a total power of one-fifth of the passive provision required ('active provision')
Submission process

Building Works

  • Submit EV charging proposal and plans here for LTA’s approval

Upon completion of installation works for the approved EV charging provisions, apply for Certificate of Statutory Completion (CSC) Clearance through CORENET e-Submission system at

Electrical Works

  • Apply for CSC Clearance here after the EV charging provisions have been installed
  • The submission must be made within 12 months from the approved date in the Statement of Turn On (SOTO) issued by SP PowerGrid Ltd (SPPG), or the Notice of Approval (NOA) issued by SP Services Ltd (SPS) on behalf of SP Power Assets Ltd (SPPA), whichever applicable.

Visit LTA's website for more information on the criteria, requirements and submission process.

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